Rawlco Radio Text Messaging

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a text message to Rawlco Radio?

Use your mobile phone to send a text message with your comment to 12312, 10210, 639639 or 306306. The On-Air Host will receive it and you will get a confirmation message and perhaps a personal answer from the On-Air Host. If you don't know how to use the text messaging feature on your phone, please consult your cell phone user guide or visit its manufacturer's website.

What's a short code?

When you have something to say, no time for a regular ten-digit phone number! When your cell phone asks you where to send your message, use 12312, 10210, 639639 or 306306 to send your comment to the live On-Air Host. It's like a regular phone number, but shorter!

How much does it cost?

Standard text messaging rates rates apply. Each message to 12312, 10210, 639639 or 306306 is regular rated which means that your mobile provider will take each message you send us from the allotment of text messages assigned through your monthly mobile plan. It's just like if you were texting a friend.